Real-Time, Continuous Feedback

Owners, managers and key staff have immediate access to customer feedback and can quickly follow up on any critical issues.

Identify At-Risk Customers

Lower your costs of acquiring new customers by identifying and retaining at-risk customers – who will in-turn be much more loyal to your brand.

Improve Your Brand Experience

Energize your staff to understand the subtleties between just a satisfied customer experience and an exceptional customer experience.

Build Stronger Relationships

Engaging customers more often and seeking continuous feedback will build stronger bonds between customers, your team and your brand.

Increase Satisfaction, Loyalty and Profits

Executing around your key customer metrics will help grow a more enjoyable, more successful, and much more profitable business.

Franchisees can quickly see all customer feedback from all of their store locations. Basic, primary color-coding makes it easy to identify satisfied and dissatisfied customers.