About ShareMyFeedback
ShareMyFeedback was created by the franchise experts at Franchise Business Review, who have spent the last 6 years researching franchisee performance and engagement challenges. ShareMyFeedback was specifically designed to help franchisees and franchisors gain a better understanding of their customers' experience and affect small changes across the system that would have a major impact on customer satisfaction, loyalty, and most importantly, profitability.

Custom Survey Design

Surveys customized to your business and built using the NPS® model (Net Promoter Score®)*

Actionable Reports

Unit-level reporting with system and custom group performance benchmark comparisons

Satisfaction Trends

Easily track customer satisfaction trends over time and quickly identify shifts in customer needs

Customer Loyalty Alerts

Fast-track customer issues and respond instantly with special offers to retain at-risk customers and build satisfaction and loyalty

Branded Survey Solutions

Surveys are specifically designed to your business and industry and can have a custom website address branded to your company

Powerful Management Tool

Train employees to fully understand your customers’ specifi c wants and needs, and then manage them to the metrics that matter most... customer satisfaction and loyalty!

Low-Cost Solution

Start driving satisfaction, loyalty, sales and profi ts today with programs starting at $99/year or less per location**


*NPS and Net Promoter Score are registered trademarks of Frederick F. Reichheld, Bain & Company and Satmetrix. **Pricing based on number of participating units/locations. Survey customization additional.

ShareMyFeedback and Franchise Business Review are divisions of Abistar Group, LLC headquartered in Portsmouth, NH. Please contact us to learn more about our exciting products designed to help franchise companies exceed their business goals.